pfSense - Dynamic DNS with Cloudflare DNS

If you own your domain and has its DNS hosted with cloudflare it is possible to create a dynamic DNS entry for your pfSense and give goodbye to services like no-ip.

1) Cloudflare Setup

Log in to your cloudflare account and select one of your domains.

Navigate to DNS and Add a new record editing as desired and saving like the below image.

Create a new token with Edit DNS Zone privileges in this page.

Click in Continue to Summary and Create Token to generate a token. Remember to copy it otherwise it will not be possible to visualise the token any more.

You will need your Zone ID that you can get going back into your account overview.

2) pfSense Setup

Navigate to Services > Dynamic DNS and click in Add and edit the fields as follows.

Service Type - Cloudflare

Interface to Monitor - WAN

Hostname - test

Domain -

Username - Zone ID ( Copied on the step above )

Password - API Token Generated on the first step.

Click in Save & Force Update and you should see the IP updated as the image below.

You can use an online tool like the google Admin Tool Box Dig to confirm if your IP has been updated.

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