Ghost Blog - Create a New User Without Email

Ghost Blog - Create a New User Without Email

Because my infrastructure still does not have an email server or solution implemented and the ghost blog kind of need email configured to work properly especially allow the creation of new users.

Since we are unable to create new users through the GUI there is a manual solution described on the ghost forum and adapted as follows.

First, we need to create and edit the JSON file below according to our needs :

          "posts": [],
          "tags": [],
          "posts_tags": [],
          "users": [
              "id": "1",
              "name": "User Surname",
              "slug": "gcorreia",
              "password": "some-password",
              "email": "",
              "profile_image": "",
              "cover_image": null,
              "bio": "Author",
              "website": null,
              "location": "London",
              "facebook": null,
              "twitter": null,
              "accessibility": "{\"nightShift\":false}",
              "status": "active",
              "locale": null,
              "visibility": "public",
              "meta_title": null,
              "meta_description": null,
              "tour": "[\"upload-a-theme\",\"getting-started\",\"featured-post\"]",
              "last_seen": "2021-04-02T16:53:06.000Z",
              "created_at": "2021-04-02T18:04:05.000Z",
              "updated_at": "2021-04-02T16:53:06.000Z"
  "meta": {
          "exported_on": "2021-04-02T16:53:06.000Z",
          "version": "3.41.6"

Navigate to the LABS section of the GUI and under migration options > import content and upload the file created above.

A new user should be created. However, the engine requires that the user verify his/her email and to circumvent that go to the new user profile page and suspend him/her then un-suspend. The new user will now be able to log in.

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